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Dear Kathy,
Thanks for sending down the DVD last week – the photos are fantastic! We are really thrilled with them – you did a great job!Thanks again for doing such a great job on the day – it was great to have you there. All the best.

Chris & Bron

Whisper Images is a family owned and run photography business with lots of extras. Kathy is the principal photographer and has enjoyed life behind the lens for over 30 years!

A bit blonder now but prefers to be behind the lens rather than in front of it.

The business originally started as Kathy Hill Photography but became Whisper Images as it developed and grew and now has other family members regularly involved. Kathy’s husband Richard is a sound recordist and works in film and television and when he is not away filming he is often attending shoots with Kathy as a second photographer or lighting guy, pet wrangler, mobile wardrobe guy, barista, porter etc in fact Richard is such a committed team member that not even a broken foot a few years back kept him away from working on a Whisper Images shoot.

Richard taking on the role of tripod and light stand while on crutches with broken foot.

Daughter Maddison is an emerging team member and is studying Creative Industries at USC with a view to becoming more involved in the filming and music production side of things. Maddi also enjoys photography and helps out with an extra camera where needed.

Maddi mixing business with pleasure at an event with some of the gang from Wildlife HQ.

Whisper Images provides quality photography and editing services for a large range of business or personal needs. They cover a variety of corporate events, family portraits, weddings, products and Real Estate.

Whisper Images has a unique indoor/outdoor studio in the Glass House Mountains area which has lots of great natural backdrops from the purpose-built ‘shack’ and vintage car to lovely Glass House Mountains views for wonderful, relaxed family photo sessions, engagements and have even had a small wedding on site.

Whisper Images also has a full custom framing studio on-site where Richard and Kathy are not only able to frame images they have created for you but also any that you have of your own. Custom framing for prints and canvases and memorabilia as well as beautiful framed scenic images available to purchase for your home or business.

On-site framing studio.

Nature Images by Whisper Images in a client’s home.

Memorabilia frames.

Who I Am

Whisper Images

I have been involved in photography for many years. I have undergone specialist training through a variety of workshops, conventions, courses and mentoring programs to ensure I have up-to-date knowledge to back up my experience.

I always carry extra equipment with me. I offer pick-up and drop off services on the Sunshine Coast for picture framing, or product photography for those items that are better off being photographed in my studio.

Our mobile studio travels to various businesses in order to conduct headshots of staff and the workplace in a friendly and efficient manner and so as little disruption to the workday as possible. The mobile studio is also suited to certain kinds of product photography if the items cant be moved from the workplace.

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